one blog for all

"One for all" is an entirely free participatory blog specially designed for those who want to share common interests and who are concerned about friendship and personal data. The members, from the four corners of the world, can freely express themselves through articles and comments and are happy to meet in real life when they have that opportunity.

Why enrolling

Participatory blog

14All is designed like a blogzine where anyone can contribute by adding articles and comments. Share freely your interests and get friend with the rest of the world through posts written with heart. The main principles of this site are tolerance, mutual respect, curiosity and friendship. Once you've joined the community , get ready to meet its members in real life as you will be now part of the family.


Concerned about the use of personal data and its monetisation? So are we. That's why, this secured blog allows you to decide which of your information should be stored in the database. You can delete your article at any time whitout worrying about the tracks. Also, we are personaly committed to keep all your information away from any third party and this for whatever reasons.

Mobile Friendly

14All has simple and fully responsive design which can easely be displayed on any screen. Stuck in the traffic jam, bored on the train, this blog has been created so you can wholly enjoy reading and posting your articles without worring about where you are and what device you use.


Anna, Germany

"Fantastic way to discover things that don't exist in our own country and to discuss about it with the author."

Martina, Italy

"Great blog to shamelessly practice written English "

Olivier, France

"It's nice to post personal articles without fearing for my data to be collected and sold to big companies."